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TMJ, Sleep and Bad Breath Dentistry


TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint which is the name of the jaw joint.  TMD stands for Temporomandibular Dysfunction which is what happens when the jaw joint has a problem or condition associated with it.


The TMJ is the joint area where the mandible or lower jaw connects to the skull. It is a very unique joint in that it is two separate joints connected together by a single bone. So what happens in one joint will have an effect on the other.


The joint structure and movement is also very unique and complex involving a combination of sliding, rotation, twisting and translation movements. Internal damage in the joint can affect jaw movement and create clicking, popping and grating sounds. Sometimes accompanied by pain and inflammation.


There are also a number of muscles associated with these joints. These muscles extend to the side of the head (temporal region) down the side of the face, into the mouth and neck region. Problems with the TMJ can also produce headaches, typically tension headaches, neck aches, even shoulder aches and pain when swallowing.


Finding out what is really going on is not a quick and easy task, neither is the treatment of these problems. It takes specialized equipment and testing to establish what is going on and how to treat it.


At Everlasting Smiles we use highly specialized joint vibration equipment (JVA JT) along with neurological testing to gain a clear picture as to what is going on. Once we know this then we can customize an approach just for you.


We have helped many people receive relief from pain and suffering after many years and countless visits to doctors, specialists and alternative therapies


Sleep appliances.

Did you know that children can suffer from sleep and breathing issues which go unnoticed. resulting in learning, behavioral, concentration, and dental and facial developmental issues. Symptoms can be as simple as persistent bed wetting, amongst other tell tail signs. We recommend that your child be seen early to pick up on these often missed conditions.


Do you wake up feeling tired, or wake up through the night to go to the toilet? Does your partner complain of your snoring or seen you stop breathing while sleeping? You may have a sleep disorder.


A health sleep is one of the most important things our bodies can have. Tis a time where healing occurs and the body gives itself an overhaul and systems check.  It is vital for good body health and wellbeing.


Where appropriate our dentist can issue you with a night time appliance to address these issues, along with splints to help with the grinding of your teeth while asleep.


Bad Breath

Do you or someone you know or love suffer from BAD BREATH?  Our clinic offers a unique computerized testing system called Oral Chroma to help identify the cause of your bad breath and address it.


There are over 800 different types of bacteria in the mouth and throat. Bad breath is caused by a build of bacteria coating the mouth and throat. Many of these bacteria produce gas which produce fowl smelling odors and smells similar to rotten eggs, feces and cabbage or petrol. The main sites are the teeth, gums, back of the throat and the tongue. Your diet can also be a contributing factor.


With the aid of the Oral Chroma we are able to measure and analyses the levels of these gases in your mouth and help you receive the right treatment for the problem.