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Cosmetic and Preventative Dentistry

Preventative and General Dentistry.

We recommend that you have a dental review every 6 months. These visits are important to reduce the for further more invasive and expensive dental procedures and to keep your oral health in the best of shape.


In these visits we will do an overall assessment of your teeth and gums, polish and removal of calculus (calcified plaque) build up from your teeth, along with a visual oral cancer check.


Sometimes things go wrong and need repair.

We offer many restorative procedures such as composite or tooth colored fillings. Fissure seals for cavity prevention, crowns which can be made out of gold or porcelain.



Stained or dark yellow teeth may be improved with bleaching or by placing veneers which will only improve the color but also the shape of your teeth and enhance your smile.


Crowns, Bridges and implants

If you have missing teeth or gaps then these may be improved with the use of dentures, bridges, or implants. Implants are fixed to the jaw bone and unlike bridges don't involve neighboring teeth.


Snap-On -Smile

If however the idea of cutting and filing down good teeth for crowns, veneers or bridges sounds good to you. then there is another alternative known as Snap-On Smile. Snap-On -Smile is a removable appliance which snaps right onto your teeth.  With this you can improve the entire color, shape and look of your smile, including replacing missing teeth, without the need for injections or drilling, You can eat and drink with it on and go about your day as normal. It is perfect for weddings, and special occasions or even for every day use. It involves just 2 appointments and is completely reversible. If for some reason you decide you go back to what you were then you simply take it out.  It is much more affordable then extensive veneers, crowns, bridges and implants.



We provide a variety of different options for dentures, including full dentures, partial dentures with metal bases and clips to all plastic partial dentures.


Mini Implants

If you have dentures and are tired of the been loose, sloppy and jumping all round, making eating and speaking a night mare, then you may want to consider mini implants.


Mini implants are small bone screws that we place which have small attachments that connect to your dentures and aid to hold them in place. Your dentures are still removable, which you need to do for cleaning, but the mini implants add just another level of stability making denture wear a little bit more enjoyable.